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Principle And Application Of Block Forming Machine

- Aug 31, 2018 -

The small concrete hollow block is a new type of wall masonry material, which can use industrial waste as raw material (especially with fly ash as raw material), and has low manufacturing cost and has been rapidly developed in recent years. Small block forming machines are machines for producing such blocks, and some block forming machines can also produce solid blocks or shaped blocks. During work, the agitated concrete material is placed in a mold with a core, and the concrete is compacted in the model by the vibration of the core, and then the model is lifted to obtain a formed concrete hollow block. The general small block forming machine can move by itself and is easy to operate. It can form multiple blocks of the same specification at one time. The higher productivity vibration is carried out by using the core to ensure that the concrete is compacted in the model without causing other mechanisms and The part is disturbed. The block forming machine is divided into a hollow block, a solid block, and a profiled block forming machine. It is also molded by the method of vibration and vibration. Generally, only one component is formed at a time, so the mechanical structure is much simpler than the above-mentioned hollow wall block forming machine.