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Structure Of Small Block Forming Machine

- Aug 31, 2018 -

The molding machine is roughly divided into three main parts: the electronic control part. The traditional injection machine uses a contact relay to switch various actions, which often fails due to the looseness of the contact screw and the aging of the contact. Usually after using one million times, New products should be replaced to ensure electronic stability. In particular, environmental factors such as dust adhesion and humid air will also affect the movement of the machine. Modern injection machines use contactless integrated circuits, which greatly reduce the connection of wires, significantly improve the defects caused by the wires, and improve stability. In the institutional part, the mechanism part should be regularly maintained to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce wear. The nuts and locking screws on the headboard should be inspected regularly to prevent the Coriner column from being damaged due to uneven force. The mold thickness adjustment mechanism should periodically check the transmission shaft gear or chain for offset or slack. Whether the pressure plate screw on the gear is loose and the grease is sufficient. For the oil pressure part, the hydraulic system should pay attention to the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil to maintain the quality of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil with good stability and high quality should be used. In addition to regular replacement, the working temperature should be properly controlled. Below °C to avoid the stability of the hydraulic action due to deterioration.