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Solid Block Forming Machine Features

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Block forming and burning-free brick machine is a leading domestic lead in Shandong Hongfa Science & Industry Co., Ltd. The latest international technology. It fully embodies the crystallization of Sino-German technical wisdom--high technical content, advanced design concept and humanized design. Combining 20 years of production experience, the rigorous process requirements make the machine excellent in quality and stable and reliable. Long service life, high product strength and low cost fully reflect the excellent quality of Hongfa brick machine.

1. Forming machine frame: Made of high-strength steel and special welding technology, it is extremely strong.

2, guiding machinery: the use of ultra-long guiding design: special wear-resistant guide, super-strong special steel fine-working surface chrome-plated guide column, with good torsion and wear resistance. The positioning accuracy of the overall mechanism is accurate and the life is long.

3, the cloth system: the use of storage materials, fabric separation technology design. The material is controlled by the precision of the material, under the action of the forced arching mechanism. Produce a powerful centrifugal discharge to make the fabric quick and easy to learn.