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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Small Brick Machines

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Most of the brick making machines work in harsh environments such as sediment, gravel, rain and wind and snow. The technical condition will inevitably fall faster than other machinery. The fitting between the parts will show different degrees of looseness and wear [2], corrosion and knots. The phenomenon of scale, the mating nature of the joints, the positional relationship between the parts and the coordination of the working conditions of the joints will be affected to varying degrees, resulting in a decrease in performance indicators such as power, economy and reliability, and even cause machine accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the technical maintenance of the brick-free machine. The technical maintenance of the brick making machine refers to a series of technical measures taken for the machine in order to make the machine often in a good technical state, to ensure its reliability, to improve work efficiency and to prolong the service life. Its main content is cleaning, fastening, lubrication and adjustment, combined with related inspection and inspection work.