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Main Features Of Small Block Forming Machine

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Change the domestic folding machine release formula, using the pulley, chain sprocket demoulding, so the structure is simple, durable, safe and reliable, easy to maintain, no leakage of the reducer, and save power, demoulding with only 1.1kw of power. In addition to the frame itself, the suspension and connection parts of the whole machine use springs. When the vibration is formed, not only the four-pronged vibration of the indenter, the mold box, the core and the pallet are realized, which ensures the high density and uniformity of the product, and Smooth operation, low noise, and good vibration reduction. The indenter can be moved longitudinally, which is convenient for feeding, repairing and rinsing. At the same time, the falling distance of the indenter is small, only 20mm. On the one hand, the gap between the presser foot and the box and the core is small, and the block has no large burrs; on the other hand, the damage to the core is small. The mold can be easily replaced. By changing the mold, 240, 140, 115, standard bricks and other different specifications of blocks and roadside stones can be produced. Various special-shaped molds can also be customized according to user requirements. The bottom plate is synchronous with the box core during molding, and is not affected by the impact force, so the life of the wood pallet is more than double that of similar products.