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Classification Of Small Brick Machines

- Aug 31, 2018 -

There are many types of brick making machines, which can be called 400 hollow brick machine, 000 ceramic brick machine, 0539 free brick machine and so on. Can be roughly divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic two categories. Among them, semi-automatic equipment is one of the brick machine models directly considered by most customers. The reason is that semi-automatic equipment is very convenient in the process of use, there is not much technical content, and the maintenance is very convenient in the later stage. After using it for a long time, we can repair it by ourselves, and even if it fails during use, it will not lead to the whole line of production stoppage. It can bring more economic benefits to customers, and it will lack experience and funds for some investment. Friends have created very good conveniences.

Fully automatic equipment: It can be said that it is prepared for the bosses who are preparing to invest in large brick factories. The investment is large and the output is high. Of course, the profits generated are also very considerable. The automatic equipment is mainly controlled by the computer PLC system. The text display is configured by the production worker. The input program can be operated only by the personnel to control the electronic control system during use. It is simple and convenient, and the yield is high. It is suitable for investment. Large brick factories, customers with large investment costs, can also obtain large profit margins.