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Cement Brick Machine Equipment Features

- Aug 31, 2018 -

Cement brick machine is a general term for building brick machinery equipment such as color bricks and cement bricks in the building materials industry. Adopting the advanced technology of German block machine, it is thick and steady, and its weight exceeds 30% of the weight of the domestic production model. The shock absorption effect is remarkable. Adopt computer control system, LCD touch screen to adjust parameters, equipped with data input and output devices to realize man-machine dialogue. The computer control system has a self-locking function. The previous action is not in place, and the next action cannot be performed, thereby avoiding the occurrence of malfunction, so as to avoid damage to the machine. Remote troubleshooting can be done over the telephone line. The body adopts thick-walled square tube and super long guide sleeve to ensure the body is strong and shock-resistant, and the head movement is accurate. The center of gravity is extremely low, and the vibration table is 486mm away from the ground, ensuring that 90% of the aftershocks are introduced into the ground, extending the life of the equipment. Good synchronization. The adjustable head and the stripping frame are all equipped with an adjustable synchronous swing arm to ensure that the indenter and demoulding error are within +1MM.