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Operating procedure for paving machine brick machine

- Aug 31, 2018 -

The paver operator must undergo professional training to understand the mechanical properties, structure, mastering the maintenance knowledge, master the performance and operation essentials and safety matters of the machine, and only after the relevant departments have confirmed the qualification, can be operated separately. Before starting the engine, it is necessary to check whether the amount of oil (oil, fuel, working oil, lubricating oil) is sufficient, the tightness of the belt on the fan, whether there is oil leakage and loose parts. Check that all the accessories, accessories, tools, etc. required for the day's work are available. After starting the engine, check the indications of each monitoring system for normal operation after at least two minutes of idle running. The material handling vehicle must be directed by someone to accurately discharge the material into the machine hopper. Before the paver works, it is necessary to contact the left and right leveling personnel to ensure that other personnel are not in the work before they can work. When the work file is converted to the driving gear, it must be carried out under the condition that the small throttle, the machine is completely stopped, and the working parts are stopped.