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Self-Build Concrete Block Making Machine

Our XD10-15 block making machine can make all kind of Self-Build Concrete Blocks Product Description: The main parts of machine 1. Belt conveyer 2. Block making machine 3. Pallets feeder 4. Block conveyer 5. PLC Control unit 6. Hydraulic unit 7. Mould 8. Color face device 9. Stacker Self-Build...

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This machine uses Electro-hydraulic integration technology which is more productive and more profitable than other ordinary block machine; The special vibration and feeding system of this machine can meet the needs of different blocks production for customers., block, grass-planting paver, curb stones, slope-protect bricks, inter-lock blocks and so on. 



1. Intellectualized control, 15% saving in labor cost . 

2. Electro-Hydraulic integrated technology , 20% raising in output; 

3. Suspension Type Vibration, 10% reduce in noise pollution;

4. Fault Alarm System, 30% time saving in troubleshooting; 

5. Intellectualized Starting, 20% improvement in working efficiency 

6. Material-Ratio program saved in PLC controller, no human disturbance. 

7. Intelligent remote control ,quickly solve the problem in all the places at any time. 

8. Customized design, efficient production that reduces costs.

The main parts of machine

1. Belt conveyer

2. Block making machine

3. Pallets feeder

4. Block conveyer

5. PLC Control unit

6. Hydraulic unit

7. Mould

8. Color face device

9. Stacker

Self-Build Concrete Block


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