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Fly ash block making machine XD4-15 Fly ash Block Machine: Major Technology characteristic Of Fly ash Block Machine as below: A. Utilze table vibration system plus head press vibration system make the block density and strong best, it is better than only single vabration, because of the working...

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Fly ash block making machine

XD4-15 Fly ash Block Machine: 

Major Technology  characteristic Of  Fly ash Block Machine as below:

A. Utilze  table vibration system plus head press vibration system make the block density and strong best, it is better than only single vabration, because of the working desk is wide , to make the vibration spread equably, down vibration utlize double hands vibration, two oil motor make two vibration case correlate.


B. Material  vehicle mechanism utlize screw net, which make laying material equably , shorten the time of  round trip for material vehicle, Accordingly shorten the moulding cycle.


B. This series products is full-fledged , technique is advanced ,to produce all kinds of blocks , and their quality is good , is high (load bearing block  can arrive 20Mpa), geometry dimension is exact so on virtues(dimension error make sure within 1.5mm)


C. Using advanced screw net to lay material , which can make the material kinds extensive (such as sand, stone chips , slag, coal gangue, coal cinder ,coal ash and some construction waster etc.) they are environmental machine compare with other block s machine.


D. This machine realized mechanical , electronic and liquid integration, PLC computer control automatically, hydraulic drive, machine vibration and hydraulic press to make block moulding, computer monitoring and control every link , which can realize error lock automatically, error detection and capacity statistics, make the block density better , cement quality is more littler.


E. It can produce block all day whatever the south ,north, which is one block making plant that is cheap for invest , faster result , operate easily, maintenance handly.


F. Don't need change any accessory ,only need call the program so that can produce load and unload block; it can produce you need only change different mould.


G. Our block machines are based on the advanced abord machine characteristic ,This machine virtues such as , structre is good , look beautiful , highly durable , maintain rate is low, degree for automatic advanced, which utlize two oil cylinders.





Quantity per hour

Concrete block



Solid block



Porous block




Dimension of the host machine


Specifications of the electrical   machinery


Moulding area


Vibration force


Moulding period


Factory  area


The size of the splint


Rated pressure of the machine


Weight of the host machine



Working Process of Block Brick Machine:


→ Firstly, by mixer to stir the raw material(cement or concrete or fly ash mixture),after getting perfect proportion material, by belt conveyor to deliver the raw material into feed bin.


→ Secondly, automatically open the door to feed the material, after getting enough ratio material, shut the door of stock bin.


→ Thirdly, From the send pallets machine to deliver the pallets, hydraulic press the material and moulding, by press head and mould function, get the bricks shape customer want.


→ Fourthly, if need color blocks, by 360 degree no dead angle color feeder, to balance the pigment, then by send the brick machine to outlet.


In-sale service:

Sale of product,help customers build the base ,technical training of customers’ workers ,practice of operation ,help to install ,train the operators in the workshop.

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