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Equipment Maintenance For Automatic Pulpers

Before starting the machine, use the hand to check whether the moving parts are stuck or not. If the connection is tight, then the power can be idling. During operation, pay attention to whether the equipment has other abnormal phenomena (the water supply should be continuously cooled during operation), and special attention should be paid to the motor rotating from the transmission assembly coupling shaft in a clockwise direction; regular inspection is added to the transmission assembly. No. 3 linoleic fat; the reversing handle is in the vertical downward position for the pulping position and the right side is the slurry position. Severe wear, deformation, rust in the valve body (the rust is severe, the valve body can be removed when the position is not changed, wiped with an abrasive cloth, and the butter is applied). If the seal is seriously affected, it should be replaced in time; avoid the circulation pump running for a long time and prevent it. Large hard particles or easily entangled ribbons enter the circulation pump; periodically check whether the transmission assembly of the stirring device has a serious total leakage phenomenon, or the discharged cooling liquid is extremely turbid, and replace the fittings according to the degree of wear.