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Instructions For Use Of The Automatic Pulper

Check that the mixing impeller is turned correctly to ensure that the slurry pipe does not leak water; add appropriate amount of water, turn on the equipment to clean and wet the pulping barrel and pipeline. After cleaning, release the water in the pulper; add water not less than 80Kg, open The pulping machine uniformly adds the powder in the specified order, and controls the feeding time to be 5~6 minutes. After all the powders are added, continue to stir for 3~5 minutes; the prepared slurry is transferred into the slurry tank to keep Dynamic slurry storage; after connecting the pulper pipeline to the slurry tank, or directly from the pulper to the hopper of the pulper, start grouting; immediately clean the equipment and pipeline after the grouting is completed, and start pulping The machine allows the remaining cement slurry in the pulper and piping to be recycled.