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Product Features Of Molding Machine

About pressure: Molding pressure refers to the horizontal projection surface of the product and the pressure per unit area. The amount of molding pressure also depends on the type of material and is related to the structural shape of the product and the structural form of the mold. For example, the molding pressure of the phenolic molding material is generally 30-50 MPa (300-500 kg/cm 2 ); the epoxy phenolic molding material has a molding pressure of 5-30 MPa (50-300 kg/cm 2 ). For products with complex structures and thick wall thickness, the molding pressure should be appropriately increased. The role of molding pressure is to overcome the vapor pressure generated by volatiles in the material, to avoid defects such as gas saturation, delamination, loose structure, etc., and also to increase the fluidity of the material, so that the material fills all corners of the mold cavity, so that the material is filled. The structure of the product is compact and the mechanical strength is improved.