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Concrete Mixing Plant Installation Steps-belt Conveyor

The orderliness of the construction process of concrete mixing plant equipment is a condition to ensure the rationality of its use. The following are the installation steps of concrete mixing plant equipment.


Belt conveyor installation


1 First connect the belt conveyor head frame with the platform on both sides, and then connect with the outriggers with bolts as a whole, hoist the frame and outriggers as a whole, and fix the outriggers with anchor bolts or bolts at a suitable position.


2 Connect the middle frame to the walking platform, and also connect the last piece of outrigger to the frame, hoist and install it in place, and finally install the tailstock in place.


3 Install the belt, and cut it according to the actual length of the belt, and glue the belt together.


4 Adjust the tensioning device to make the belt tight.


5 After normal operation, install the guide trough and the rain cover of the belt conveyor.